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Pixiwoo Makeup Course – Day One – November 2014


Pixiwoo Makeup Course – Day One – November 2014


So after being an avid fan of the YouTube make up sensations that are Samantha and Nicola Chapman, I was extremely lucky to gain a place on their much sought after, week long, intensive make up course. I took myself off to the beautiful city of Norwich where their studio is based and I entered the world of Pixiwoo!

I was a little nervous as I didn’t know what to expect but I was also very excited to meet Sam and Nic. I needn’t have worried at all as we were greeted by the lovely Stacey who works at Pixiwoo HQ and organises the courses.  Her friendly face immediately made everyone relax as we waited for the course to start.

Sam and Nic introduced themselves and welcomed everyone to the course. I was pleased to hear that everyone was from different backgrounds and all felt a little nervous too but once the ice was broken it was it was straight down to work with a no-makeup, makeup look! Stacey was the model while Nic did the demonstration and Sam talked us through the products and steps. Then it was our turn to recreate the look.


We had free range of all the many, amazing products in the Pixiwoo studio and I was paired with the lovely Charlotte to recreate my no makeup, makeup look! I was really pleased with the final look on Charlotte as it actual looks as if she isn’t wearing much makeup but I can assure you it took me two hours to apply! We then finished the look off with a red lip and a gel liner so we could practice our lipstick and liner skills.

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