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Pixiwoo Makeup Course – Day Three – Drag Makeup – November 2014


Pixiwoo Makeup Course – Day Three – Drag Makeup – November 2014

When we entered the studio on day three, we were greeted by a colourful array of wigs! Long, short, straight, curly, blonde, purple, you name it, they had it! It could only mean one thing…………drag day!

I have to be honest, I welcomed drag day as I thought it would be a bit of a break in the middle of the week from the intensity of the course and I was looking forward to having some fun…………well I can honestly say this was the hardest day I had! I will never again underestimate the skills required to produce amazing drag makeup

Nic did the demo on Stacey and talked us through the look as Sam was busy doing a video for their YouTube channel

The first and most difficult part of the look is to completely block out the eyebrows. After spending a fair amount of time on the course discussing brows and how to achieve great brows, it felt so wrong to be covering them up, but this is crucial in drag makeup.

After the brows had been expertly covered, Nic began to heavily contour Stacey’s face using a mixture of concealer and foundation and two brushes to blend! Nic then used a sparkly green and a silver eyeshadow and finished the eyes off with a pop of bright pink. Next came the lashes, the lovely, long lashes which nicely finished off this dramatic, drag eye makeup. Next was the lips and Nic showed us how to do an ombre lip using a plum liner and a pink lipstick. The look was nearly complete but something was missing……………. a wig! Nic teamed the look with a fabulous purple and silver wig and Stacey was transformed and almost unrecognisable!

stacey12stacey drag









Then it was my turn! I was lucky enough to work with the lovely Faith and we had a really good laugh picking the most outrageous colours we could find in order to do our drag makeup. I was immediately drawn to the most ridiculous false lashes I have ever seen! I knew that these had to form part of my drag look and luckily for me, the lovely Faith was happy to wear them!

Nic made blocking out the brows look so easy but because Faith and I are brunettes, it was very difficult to completely block out the brows. After taking advice from Stacey, I decided to make a feature out of Faith’s lovely, natural brows and so they became the new socket line and I drew new brows on top! I chose a bright orange eye shadow and teamed it with a bright blue eye shadow, then I applied the lashes! I finished the look off with a burnt orange lips for a bold, bright drag look!


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